Without consultation, The Sealion has been singled out as the only boat on Queen's wharf, not being offered a mooring contract by the Wellington City Council (WCC), in the upcoming changeover of management from CentrePort.

With little notice, CentrePort are threatening to forcibly shift the boat to Glasgow Wharf, in an industrial zone without public access. This would effectively end The Sealion's role as a community space, and as a cultural icon at the end of the wharf.

The Crew, Organisers, and Owner of The Sealion are committed to providing a safe community space, and working towards the upkeep and eventual repair of the vessel, and we are currently up to date on our mooring payments,

We wish to work with the council and listen to their concerns, in order to continue with our journey of community facilitation, however the decision to exclude the boat and its community from a public berthage, has taken place behind closed doors, without any explanation given.

Help us by telling the Wellington City Council to stop the ejection of The Sealion from Queen’s Wharf.



Email the council employees responsible for the management of the waterfront directly, to tell them to reconsider their plans:

Kelly Crandle -

Elizabeth Webley -


Make a complaint to the WCC assurance team:

~Online - Complaints Form
~Email –
~Phone – 04 499 4444